5 Good Reasons to Add Stress Management Coaching to Your Spa

Is a Stress Management Coach Right for Your Spa??

“Body, Mind and Spirit” has been an underlying principle and key message of spas for decades. It’s also a key message of Wellness – balance and equilibrium in body, mind and spirit.

Year after year, stress remains the #1 reason worldwide that people visit spas. Your spa provides stress relief in so many ways through your treatments and services, yet for many guests, the heavenly time spent with you is only a brief respite. Wouldn’t it be great for you to become the “Go To” place for stress reduction?

Add a Stress Management Coach to your team!

Wellness and Your Guests

According to Dr. John Travis, a wellness pioneer and founder of the first wellness establishment, The Wellness Resource Center in Mill Valley, CA in 1975, “Wellness is the loving acceptance of yourself.” Isn’t that a major focus for you and your staff? Helping your guests feel more accepting and positive about themselves?

A Stress Management Coach helps them deal more effectively with the many things pulling them down or standing in the way of a fuller, happier and loving acceptance of their lives.

According to the Mayo Clinic, the Three Pillars of Wellness are: Nutrition, Exercise and Stress Management.

As evidence for the efficacy and healthful benefits of so many of our spa’s treatments continues to mount, making wellness part of your spa can increase your visibility, credibility and attractiveness to both potential and returning guests and communicates that you really care about their long-term wellbeing.

The “big” destination spas like Miraval, Canyon Ranch, Rancho La Puerta and Mii Amo, leaders
in providing their guests with lifestyle and wellness choices, are constantly expanding or refreshing their wellness offerings in innovative and creative ways to meet this demand. In recent years, wellness coaching has become part of their programs both in-spa and as follow-ups for guests once they’ve returned home.

5 Good Reasons to Include Wellness through Stress Management Coaching in Your Spa

  1. A certified wellness coach works with your guests toward long-lasting, positive change to achieve their personal goals, ie. weight management, healthy nutritional and fitness choices, workplace satisfaction, personal relationships or even finding meaning in their lives – leading to optimal health and wellbeing.
  2. A strong alliance between the spa and wellness coach benefits both, providing the guest with powerful reasons to book another visit. It’s also a perfect link between your spa and your guests long after they have walked out of your doors, keeping them engaged and loyal to you.
  3. Wellness coaching can be effectively conducted via phone, email and/or skype. This means no need to find or devote precious space and resources within your spa to be able to offer this powerful service. It allows for flexibility in scheduling coaching sessions and is easy to implement.
  4. Creating long-term, lasting relationships with your spa guests ensures repeat business, which equates to fewer hard-earned dollars spent on marketing and the ability to plan and organize your business more efficiently. It is also another revenue stream.
  5. Engaging with a wellness coach shows your guests that you really care about their health and wellbeing and that their patronage means more than just “dollars” coming in the door. Make the services of your wellness coach available to your staff and show your care and concern for their wellbeing, too.
The bottom line? Add a Stress Management Coach coach to your spa team, to keep you ahead of the competition and keep your guests coming back.

©Kathryn Stolle, certified Stress Management Coach
President,  SLK Wellness Concepts

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